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Welcome to the tribe!
Imasu ♥: I'm also online, but I'm in another RP at the moment. But, I can be called whenever. Aug 29, 2015 2:26:12 GMT
Deleted: Im offline now, but I should be back on in about an hour at the minimum Aug 29, 2015 2:40:26 GMT
Deleted: Im back on Aug 29, 2015 3:27:38 GMT
Deleted: Im heading to bed now. Good night or have a nice day everybody! Aug 29, 2015 5:28:56 GMT
Deleted: I'm getting on tonight, but later. I'm going a B-Day party, but after that I will get on. Hope to see at least one of you online too! :) Aug 29, 2015 23:48:04 GMT
Lesharo♛: Awesome, hope you have fun Aug 30, 2015 3:05:40 GMT
Deleted: Back from the party! I'm online now, hope to see someone! Aug 30, 2015 3:57:55 GMT
Deleted: Hey everybody! I'm going on a trip somewhere, and the hotel DOES NOT have internet. So I wont be on the next day or so. Anyway, talk to you guys soon! Sept 3, 2015 20:16:34 GMT
Imasu ♥: Leshy, you still around? Sept 4, 2015 6:02:41 GMT
Ceveo: Anyone getting on tonight? Sept 5, 2015 1:14:53 GMT
Deleted: Hey guys! I'm back from that internetless hotel (I made up that word), and I should get on tonight. I still have some unpacking to do, so I wont get on for a while. But there is a very good chance that I'll be on! Sept 5, 2015 1:18:32 GMT *
Deleted: I'm online now. If anybody comes on, just give a holler if you want to RP! Sept 5, 2015 3:55:10 GMT *
Lesharo♛: I'm here, so sorry all! Sept 7, 2015 14:34:00 GMT
Deleted: I'm just chilling out at the campsite, if any of you want to join me just log on! Sept 7, 2015 16:53:57 GMT
Deleted: The day has come, summer break has finally ended for me. :'( I'm gonna be adjusting to my amount of homework and times for sport practices the next few days, I have changed my activity times, so you might wanna check that out. Talk to y'all later! Sept 8, 2015 3:38:00 GMT
Imasu ♥: Will this RP still be happening? Sept 8, 2015 4:13:16 GMT
Ceveo: I'm sorry to say that I will be leaving the RP due to inactivity. Sept 13, 2015 19:02:40 GMT
Deleted: Alright, I think I've got my schedule figured out! My RP times are a little different then last posted, so... yeah... Sept 14, 2015 1:28:47 GMT *
Deleted: Um, Is this RP still active? Sept 25, 2015 22:42:59 GMT
Deleted: Sorry. But since NOBODY has been online at all the last week. I am leaving the RP due to inactivity. Bye! Oct 3, 2015 0:48:20 GMT
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